History of Creta

Crete is the birthplace of mythology, one of Europe's most alluring destinations, which combines is the romance of the Aegean with the mystic of it's ancient spirit You can find places in Crete with more than 5000 years of history, like the following (most of them in Heraklion, just 30 km from our hotel)

Venetian Fortress (Koules)

Koules is one of the most important fortresses of the Mediterranean. Together with the city walls, the gates, the pamparts, it forms the impressive complex of the 16th century fortification of the city of Candia.

Venetian Loggia

Elegant building for the gathering and recreation of the noblemen. Venetian Loggia is a typical example of the Palladian architecture. Today restored it serves as the Town Hall.

Knossos Palace

The Minoan Palace at Knossos, the largest (it covers an area of 22000 sqm) and most glorious of all Minoan Palaces in Crete is also known as the seat of power the legendary king Minos the famous judge and legislator. It was excavated partly by M.Kalokairinos and fully by A. Evans between 1900-1905.

The Archaeological Museum:

It houses the treasures of the Minoan Civilization, ancient Greek and Greek-Roman periods from the various archaeological sites of the island of Crete.

Venetian Fountain - Lion's Fountain

Francisco Morosini erected this fountain in 1629, as a monument for the construction of the water supply system of the city.

Lichnostatis Museum (Chersonissos)

Museum of traditional life and civilization of Crete, just 200m from Romantica Beach.